Fall in love with your business, again.

BHL is a business consulting service that aims to provide realistic, customised and achievable solutions to our clients, and help you turn the business that you have into the business that you want.


Business Growth Consultation

No matter what industry you’re in, the principals are largely the same.
We provide a thorough analysis of your business and help implement a well-structured, customised plan in line with your objectives, that’s realistic and achievable through:

  • Hands-on experience
  • World-class resources such as our 12 month, step by step, learning material which has been developed by us, along with a NZQA qualification designer, to achieve workbooks that are designed with everyone in mind.
  • Practical assistance to help you implement the strategies you need
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We believe that a successful business starts from the inside out. We offer workshops that not only help you empower your employees but also show you how to know and sell your products so that customers keep coming back. In these workshops we teach:

  • How to utilise employees to better the business
  • The importance of health, well being and stress management
  • Effective training methods to implement in-house
  • The positive effects for you & your employees when you set them KPI’s
  • How to increase sales from your existing customers
  • How to get emotional buy in from your staff

PLUS much more, all tailored to your needs.

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Why ChooseBHL Consulting?

What separates us from other consulting firms?
We’ve been where you are right now.


We have successfully run 6 businesses together and know that we’re just getting started. We use our experience to steer you away from the mistakes we made.


We’re hands-on and never underestimate the importance of feeling supported in a business venture so we aim to provide that for every client.


With access to world-class learning materials, coupled with our experience, we provide tailor-made 12-month plans to help you achieve your goals.

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