The Strategies

These strategies involved –

How to set goals for myself

Engaging our staff

Learning how to let go of the reins and trust other people with the responsibility

This was probably the hardest lesson to learn.

I felt that it was my responsibility as the owner of the business to be there for everything, but I learned –

If you are not there for your loved ones when it matters, having a successful business is pointless.

Over many years, my wife and I have bought failing businesses and have used the strategies from my mentor to turn them around and sell them for a profit.

We know what works

When we sold these businesses, we didn’t pass on these strategies to the new owners, which could have been a contributing factor that 90% of them failed within 18 months of us selling them.

To the new owner, it looked like the business was profitable and easy to run, but it only looked that way because we had set up our strategies and procedures, and had 100% buy-in from our staff by making them feel part of our business.

We didn’t pay silly amounts of money to give them that feeling, we just set KPI’s for them that made them feel like millionaires when they achieved them. It sounds crazy but it works!

My favourite saying from Richard Branson is –

"If you look after your staff, your staff will look after your customers"

Putting what matters, first

Recently I’ve studied more on mental health and well-being and I’ve learned insightful tactics and strategies on how to cope with life’s difficult moments. Today, mental health isn’t the taboo or overlooked subject that it once was and that being relatable in the times that we struggle, rather than just our successes is what makes us stronger.

We all have those moments where the way forward is full of fog, dismay and real emptiness.

The first time I found myself in this big hole of emptiness was when I had a great job, a lovely supporting wife, two adult children that love and respect me, and two beautiful young grandchildren.

Now you can ask yourself why did I feel empty?

The truth is, I don’t know the answer.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to slow down and started to notice things that I never noticed before. The smell of coffee when you walk past a coffee shop, the beauty and aroma of the flowers in the garden, birds singing, and just the small things that had previously slipped by.

By taking the time to notice these things, you’ll find yourself feeling better – and this is just one of many approaches to help.

Reach out

As a man, I know that we are the worst when it comes to looking after ourselves. While I’m passionate about helping businesses grow, I want to apply these strategies and tactics to your mental health too.



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